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Deal done? Not adequacy!

Buried in the Brexit deal text, a six-month maximum time limitation creates a data bridge for the gap between the end of the transition period and negotiations on a UK adequacy decision. What does this mean for your organisation?  The UK has suspended its’ own data protection laws for this interim period, so EU-GDPR lawsRead More

Big tech under scrutiny

Never before has ”Big tech” been under as much scrutiny! News broke last night of the US Federal Government attempting to leverage pressure on Facebook to be broken-up.  Anti-competition was being stated as the reason for this most recent battle to split Facebook from its’ wares! Further news from the FT this morning has reportedRead More

No deal, not adequate

Over two years after the UK ratified the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and brought into law the EU General Data Protection Regulation, we face a new era of uncertainty.   Why I hear you say?  We spent all that time preparing for GDPR, what now?   Although the UK DPA 2018 is based uponRead More