About Ascot London Consulting

  • Virtual Chief Information Officer

  • Data Protection – Compliance & Best Practice.

  • IT Infrastructure and Design.

  • IT Cost Saving Efficiencies.

  • Network Planning and Control

  • Microsoft 365 help, training and migration

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 development

Our clients’ experience is what counts

In today’s world of empowered business, competitive advantage shifts from being purely competing over product and price to building absolute trust. To succeed, you need to consider a customer-centric technology partner such as Ascot London Consulting, whose core values are founded upon total trust, complete respect and loyalty. The key to our clients’ long-term success is based upon our complete understanding of your business and your vision for the future.

Learning to understand your business

‘Our Vision, Your Future.’

Implementing short term technology changes or processes that deliver no long term value will not improve customer experience.

Ascot London Consulting recognises that nobody understands your business like you.

Our objective is to become a long term partner and extension to your organisation by developing a baseline and long term strategy that starts from how your business operates now and how you envisage the future, aligning technology and process that in turn will drive positive business outcomes and ……your vision

  • We Engage
  • We Listen
  • We Question
  • We Discover
  • We Recommend