Data Protection

We’ll help you ensure your data is secure – and show you how to unlock its potential.

Ascot London Consultancies Data Protection service offerings have been designed and created to help organisations like yours comply with GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and existing data protection laws (UK Data Protection Act 2018). We realise that the issue of compliance with data protection legislation can be daunting, and detract from the everyday operations of your business, school or charity.

Ascot London Consultancy provides three pragmatic Data Protection service solutions and a training solution, specifically tailored to your business circumstances.

Why data needs protection

With Privacy and Data Protection being front of mind for today’s business owners, the regulatory oversight and increasing exposure to fines have made data a prominent operational risk.

Consumers are also waking up to their data rights and how they can leverage them, a trend which will only accelerate. Cyber-crime sophistication is continuously evolving, and data breaches have become a case of “when not if”.

Despite the prominence of these risks at Board-level, Ascot London Consulting believes the way many organisations manage data or try to build investment cases (outside of cyber) is fundamentally broken. All too often, data ownership is fragmented, with no central stakeholder or team that holds a holistic view of the organisation’s entire data. This makes it vulnerable.

How we can help

At Ascot London Consulting, information is at the heart of our experience across SMEs, the Education and Not-For-Profit sectors, with over 20 years’ experience in the data protection field. We provide information security and data protection training, teaching, learning and – if required – a fully outsourced service to our peers, colleagues, students and industry clients.

An incomplete understanding of the data universe leads to tactical workarounds and point solutions to meet the minimum regulatory thresholds. As a consequence, many companies view their data as an unknown quantity and one which presents a liability for their business rather than a strategic asset to support growth.

Our aims and goals have always been about improving the learning experience; by challenging conventional practices and rewriting the rule book for how training is delivered.