Connectivity! High performance, reliable access for your business.

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High performance, reliable access for your business.

Connectivity. Why good access is important

The move to Cloud-based applications including Voice
and Collaboration applications and services, as well as the need to have fast access to the Internet makes good quality access essential for businesses.
Today, businesses are expected to respond quickly to customer requests and want reliable, high-performance connectivity solutions that can help them enhance their customer service. They also need to be ‘agile’ and see using cloud applications as a way
to increase flexibility.
All these requirements can be met with our Connectivity solutions. which offer access services (including, Broadband, Ethernet and both managed and simple Wi-Fi) and advanced WAN services to suit a wide range of business situations, suitable for SME’s, charities, school’s and scalable through to large enterprise deployments.

Access is critical for today’s digital businesses

Flexibility and cost-saving

Organisations are looking for the most reliable, high quality
and cost-effective way to connect different premises ranging
from home offices to HQ. They want the flexibility to expand or
contract activities at particular locations, and to cater for staff
working preferences – many employees work from multiple
sites or from home.
They also need the capability and support to quickly add
or adjust capacity to meet changing businesses demands,
whether these are seasonal, to meet the needs of a marketing
campaign, or to react to incidents and provide business

Growth in cloud applications

To address these demands, many SMEs and larger businesses
have adopted, or are planning to adopt, cloud-based and
software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for core functions
such as e-mail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
sales order processing, accounting and Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP).
This is in addition to the widespread adoption of hosted IP
telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration
(UC/UCC) tools. Users of these applications rely on the
the network that connects the business to cloud service providers
and the public internet.

Connectivity is business-critical

Connectivity between locations and from the organisation
to the internet is now a business-critical resource. If it fails,
work stops. If its performance is sub-standard, work slows,
customer/user experience declines and employees become
frustrated. Ultimately competitors win the business. So
connectivity should be viewed as being critical to business survival.

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