Do you need help with migration to Microsoft 365?

Upgrading to Microsoft365

Upgrading to Microsoft365 comes with a myriad of opportunities for your organisation to streamline and collaborate efficiently.


Migration is not the start point it is the generally the endpoint of a project.


What starts as a “just lift-and-shift it to the cloud!”, quite often evolves through our Discovery process.

The migration services

The migration services we offer are an opportunity to help you build a new foundation to operate and grow from.  We will help Discover by performing a comprehensive review of your business needs in comparison with your current production environment.

Help you Assess, by identifying gaps in your data governance, data compliance and current hardware to build a plan for the execution phase.

Test and prove concept of migration in your production environment, to give you a real-world migration strategy.

Run a full Execution of the migration plan from your existing environment to the Azure cloud and provide status reports to stakeholders.

Man Observing a technological cloud

How we can help

At Ascot London Consulting, information is at the heart of our experience across SMEs, the Education and Not-For-Profit sectors, with over 20 years’ experience. We provide migration planning, training,  and execution.


Whether you require a Lift-and-Shift, a Hybrid Active Directory configuration or a Greenfield solution, the migration services are designed to help you understand and determine the plan and your goals for the final migration strategy.