Office refurbishment

Server rooms refit

The necessary equipment in your average server room is costly, and the components needed are often very delicate. Over time, these components will eventually experience wear and tear and become less effective the longer you have them.  Whether it is an update and upgrade or a move to a co-located data centre, we can help support your infrastructure needs to ensure you are optimally running your business for its current needs.

Making upgrades to the server room is a manual process. Still, we know that your server room does not stop running and requires careful planning and execution due to the nature of the sensitive server environments. We are often tasked to work in a live environment where we will have to leave the server and network hardware, together with ancillary systems, operational at all times during the server room refurbishment, ensuring the work we carry out will benefit the business in case of an actual situation where your server room will be tested. 

We also realise that your technical staff need to be comfortable in the server room; your technical staff could spend long hours in these spaces, so we design and implement server rooms to be tech people-centric.