DPCS (Data Protection Consultative Service)

Our DPCS provides our clients with a consultative resource for a daily rate fee1 that support businesses around the requirements and necessary internal processes that must be both adopted and documented regarding all aspects of data protection within their organisation. This can include:

    • Performing or advising on data protection audits
    • How to deal with data breaches
    • Helping deal with a data breach
    • Help or advice on dealing with SAR (Subject Access Requests) or FoIA (Freedom of Information Act requests)
    • Assistance in writing/reviewing data protection policy, procedures or agreements

Who would benefit from this service?

This service is deployed into businesses and establishments where you have no Data Protection Officer (DPO), or a nominated member of staff is performing the role of DPO on a part-time basis or in conjunction with performing their main role within the business.  This is both a proactive and reactive service with unlimited scope.

What is the business outcome?

Ascot London Consultancy helps our clients manage and protect both their business and employees personal data through consultative advice.

three people collaborating

Inclusions, Exclusions and Terms

  • Consultant access for advice and practical support on data protection.
  • Because of the variance in potential engagement scope, Ascot London Consultancy would assess the contract requirements and provide pricing once the full scope and role has been identified.

Contract term and fees

Ascot London Consultancy also offers an enhanced Data Protection service as a fully outsourced ‘as a service’ model (DPOaas). Ascot London Consultancy would become your contracted outsourced Data Protection Officer providing peace of mind that your data is managed and protected by experienced and knowledgeable members of our team, over a 12-month subscription term.