DPOaas (Data Protection Officer as a service)

DPOaas offers a practical, cost-effective and fully outsourced service that delivers Data Protection to SMEs, Charities and educational organisations that do not have a member of staff with the role of Data Protection Officer. The service covers all aspects of data protection within their business including dealing with SAR (Subject Access Requests), what to do should a data breach occur, and access to all recent data protection requirement updates as they are published.

In addition to the DPCS service, our clients will receive

  • A yearly data compliance review document
  • A fully outsourced and on-going service for Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  • A fully outsourced and on-going service for data breaches
  • A documented policy procedure for on-going Data Protection.

Who would benefit from this service?

This fully outsourced service model is deployed to any SME business and education establishments where there is no member of staff performing the critical role of Data Protection Officer and do not wish to carry the on-going salaried cost of employing one.

What is the business outcome?

Cost-effective outsourced service management for policy driven Data Protection delivered at 50% of the cost for a business to employ a dedicated and full time DPO manager.

Inclusions, Exclusions and Terms

  • Immediate access to online video content that delivers an overview of Data Protection and its importance within a business
  • On-going Consultant access for advice and practical support on data protection on a retained minimum 12-month contract basis. This includes one on-site meeting per month with business stakeholders and telephone support when required.
  • 12-month contract (renewable 90 days before the end of contract term)
  • Monthly pricing contract subject to initial consultation meeting and requirements scope