Technology Deployment Service

Audit Analysis – let us show you how make your IT more cost effective

For many businesses owners, the sheer mention of the acronym ‘IT’ is greeted with a cold shiver. It is often widely viewed as a necessary evil and not as a business enabler – indeed the subject is often treated by many business leaders as an unwelcome opportunity to throw large amounts of hard earned cash at the many Managed Service providers or IT vendors/ product resellers in the market place today.

We believe this unfortunate (but sadly often accurate perception) is based upon businesses previously being provided with poor advice or services that do not align correctly with what is required.

In our experience, we find that accountants want to be accountants, lawyers want to be lawyers,  bankers want to be bankers… and very few wish to become technology experts. This means business owners are not always best placed to identify where changes, improvements and cost saving opportunities to technology and services can be immediately realised because technology is complex and moves at a very fast pace. It is often very hard to quantify whether to buy the technology or rent the technology as a cloud-based utility.

How we can help

Ascot London Consultancy is here to bridge the ‘trust’ gap between our clients and IT resellers/Managed Services providers by questioning and looking deeper into organisations’ working practices and technologies – be they office based or for remote working. Ascot London Consultancy will identify all areas across a business where improvements can be made that can either immediately or over time resolve business issues and drive down cost. This service includes both hardware and software/software subscription services used by the business.

Inclusions, Exclusions and Terms

Ascot London Consultancy can work on a retained consultative basis on a fixed-term contract or alternatively on an individual case-by-case project basis. Ascot London Consultancy assist in product and service road-mapping to ensure that our clients IT infrastructure is current, up to date and always delivering best value for money.