Data Protection Training



Our training programmes provide our clients with access to eLearning tools.  Under the GDPR businesses are required to provide proof of what training staff have undertaken.  We are also introducing our new courseware to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Our Data Protection training supplies training materials for a 12-month contract term that support businesses around the requirements and necessary internal processes that must be both adopted and documented regarding all aspects of data protection within a business.

      • Immediate access to Ascot London Consultancy’s 13 eLearning online assessment modules.
      • Immediate access to online video content that delivers an overview of Data Protection and its importance within a business.

Each individual can complete the courseware over the 12-month contract term, so is an ideal fit for the individual’s who are time-poor or wish to revisit the advice in course-materials at any time.

For new starters within a business, it is a critical part of their induction training.

In addition to providing each delegate proof of course completion, this courseware provides the advantage of retraining exercises for users who may have failed a module or caused a data breach.

The eLearning part of this training service offers eLearning training for organisations and their staff to understand data protection and become GDPR aligned. The GDPR training unravels the legal jargon and puts data protection into a real-world context.

The courseware is borne out of real-world experience in the management of data protection best practice and compliance, delivering a training experience that is:

      • clear, concise
      • visual
      • practical
      • interactive
      • trackable
      • accessible

Our courseware includes:

      • online modules
      • real-world examples
      • training management
      • records showing proof of training

Our GDPR eLearning course will ensure you are aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation, guiding you through the reasoning of why, how, what for and when data retention will breach the regulation.

The courseware is managed via an administration overview, helping your organisation track results using statistical analysis across all of your staff.  All our products are accessible at any time from any device and location.  The courseware is an entirely legislative aligned, online training tool that takes your organisation members through an interactive, web-based learning and assessment process; providing documentation and learning for organisational alignment with the GDPR.

Who would benefit from this service?

All staff within an organisation who complete the courseware. The H.R. department or operational management can track the statistical analysis and assessment output and report through our administrative overview and the overarching organisation for alignment with GDPR.

What is the business outcome?

Our clients will benefit from the education and eLearning tools delivered online to deliver an on-going Data Protection framework. Ascot London Consultancy’s material, delivered online, trains our clients to manage and protect both their business and employees’ personal data.

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Inclusions, Exclusions and Terms

  • Immediate access to Ascot London Consultancy 12 eLearning online assessment modules
  • Immediate access to online video content that delivers an overview of Data Protection and its importance within a business

Contract term and fees

  • Annual subscription (renewable 90 days before the end of the contract term)

Data Protection Instructor-led training. Pricing for onsite or instructor-led training can be provided upon request and determined by location and number of delegates.

Ascot London Consultancy also offers an enhanced Data Protection service as a fully outsourced ‘as a service’ model (DPOaas). Ascot London Consultancy would become your contracted outsourced Data Protection Officer providing peace of mind that your data is managed and protected by experienced and knowledgeable members of our team, over a 12-month subscription term.