Other Services

The technological vision for schools and  businesses is not about implementing short term technology changes or processes to improve short term customer experience, it is to  deliver long term value. No one understands the needs of your business or school like you do. It is therefore our objective to understand how you operate both now and wish to in the future so that your business outcomes and your vision can be aligned to technology and process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Service

Ascot London Consultancy provide a consultative and project led design and implementation service specifically around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool.

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WiFi Planning Services

Wireless networking planning solutions from Ascot London Consultancy are one of the most effective Wi-Fi planning services available in the marketplace and ensure your business Wi-Fi is cost-effective and consistently excellent across your premises.

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Technology Deployment Services

Ascot London Consultancy is here to bridge the ‘trust’ gap between our clients and IT resellers/Managed Services providers by questioning and looking deeper into organisations’ working practices and technologies – be they office based or for remote working. Ascot London Consultancy will identify all areas across a business where improvements can be made that can either immediately or over time resolve business issues and drive down cost. This service includes both hardware and software/software subscription services used by the business.

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