Deal done? Not adequacy!

Buried in the Brexit deal text, a six-month maximum time limitation creates a data bridge for the gap between the end of the transition period and negotiations on a UK adequacy decision.

What does this mean for your organisation?  The UK has suspended its’ own data protection laws for this interim period, so EU-GDPR laws are now the current rule of law.  If you need to know more about how to practically understand EU-GDPR laws subscribe to our service Data Protection Training | Ascot London Consulting.

Noted in our article No deal, not adequate | Ascot London Consulting, data adequacy deals are not a quick negotiation. Seeing articles reporting that these negotiations did not start until September 2020, will a six-month extension be long enough?

As per the EU Courts of Justice (CJEU) ruling earlier this year on Privacy Shield, Privacy Shield inadequate (Schrems Deux) | Ascot London Consulting, this also impacted negotiations on the UK adequacy talks, as the CJEU ruled that data when used for commercial purposes, are subject to the same rights under EU-GDPR law when transferring to a third country.

For all those who paid for a data protection representative, get a refund! Or at least defer payment.

So! will six-months be long enough?  Only time will tell, but you have at least prepared for the alternative! Haven’t you?