NCSC advises organisations to act

Following Russia’s unprovoked, premeditated attack on Ukraine, the National Cyber Security Centre continues to call upon all organisations in the UK to bolster their online defences.

Make sure your fundamentals of cybersecurity are in place to protect your organisation:

  • Check your system patching is up-to-date
  • Verify your access controls (enforce Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Ensure your defences are working
  • Monitor and check your security logs
  • Review your backups and perform disaster recovery testing
  • Ensure your business continuity plans are updated and test your critical incident plans
  • Know your external internet-facing connections and perform external vulnerability scans
  • Ensure your staff know how to spot and report phishing emails, texts and social media links
  • Check and remove any 3rd-party access that is no longer required
  • Understand the security practices of any 3rd-party access that is required

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NCSC advises organisations to act following Russia’s… – NCSC.GOV.UK

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