What does data leakage mean?

What does data leakage mean? “Data leakage” or a “data leak” is defined as an unauthorised transfer of data from an internal organisation or organisations’ network system to an unsecured destination.


Do not be mistaken; it can also refer to physical data leaving a secured premises or electronic data being moved, via hard-copy or storage device like a USB key or portable hard disk.  Websites or cloud-storage can also suffer data leaks, due to security lapses or malicious activities.


We help organisations prevent data leaks! 

Incidents of data leakage have been growing since the Covid-19 pandemic started.  When more organisations were forced to work or learn from home, plans and practices were enacted and those that had no facility quickly deployed technical solutions to cope.


The problem with rushed plans or untested facilities and technology, is that security was a “nice-to-have” or an afterthought, if it was a thought at all!


From an information security perspective, new practices and solutions created vulnerabilities.


Changing practices and deploying new technologies on the fly, is not an issue for the organisation itself, however, it is an indication of new working challenges for modern technological communications.


At Ascot London Consulting, we take cyber-protection by design as an absolute.  It is a significant part of our planning and at the heart of our projects.


We know that data leaks can severely affect your brands’ reputation!

It is too costly for an organisation to be on the receiving end of a data leak, but the worrying trend we see is organisations ignoring the dangers, as opposed to addressing the causes. Reputational damage is never easily undone! Organisation leaders, stakeholders and decision-makers need to ask themselves if they are not protecting themselves properly, what is the cost of preparing for the worst?


The cost of cybercrime increased in the UK to £27 billion, and the average cost of a data breach is now estimated at £3.36 million per incident (Data breach costs surge to record high in 2021), with the rapid shift to remote working seen as a major factor in the rise of data leak costs.


The people factor!

Your staff are the greatest asset to your organisation.  However! An unprepared employee, student or stakeholder can also be its’ biggest threat.  With so many people operating outside of secure networks, the threat of data leakage is growing.

Causes of a data breach

Human error accounts for 23% of data leakage. With the right training and consultancy, Ascot London can help prevent losses from the people factor!

What are the causes of a malicious data breach

But if you also look at malicious data leaks and how they are caused, we could help your organisation prevent 75% of the potential problem.


Don’t ignore the dangers! Deal with the data leak problem.


Whether it is Data Protection as a Service or our Chief Information Officer as a Service option, we can help!