Wi-Fi Services

We separate our service solutions into four parts to help you with your requirements. Each can be individually quoted, albeit we recommend a full four-part solution to get the best optimal performance from your Wi-Fi. These parts will help you determine precisely what your project needs, whether you have existing Wi-Fi or are planning a new network from scratch!

Oh, and do not forget we are vendor agnostic when it comes to Wi-Fi hardware vendors. We scan using the best-of-breed Ekahau system, which is trusted by “the world’s biggest brands” and can interpret the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology.

What does Wi-Fi planning involve?

We Plan! Engaging and listening to our clients is part of our mantra. An excellent recipe for Wi-Fi deployment takes into account all your stakeholders and how they plan to use the Wi-Fi. A reasonable estimate of how many and what type of devices you are expecting, a provision of a good CAD building plan or to a scale drawing of external spaces. Then we can devise a plan and advise on how many access points you will require and where best to place them.

We Survey! One of our wireless engineers will attend site to perform a site survey. We are pandemic prepared and together with the latest Ekahau technology to scan quickly and efficiently, our engineers are armed with the right personal protective equipment, also able to keep socially distanced during the scan. If you need a risk assessment or would like to share your own, we will happily assist and adjust to your needs.

On a new wireless survey we will test with whichever vendor hardware you choose, or if you haven’t decided, we can provide additional services with an Access Point on a stick, to ascertain the environmental variables and complete the surveying part of the plan.

If surveying an existing Wi-Fi network, we combine the Survey and Analyse parts of our service to provide you real-world analysis on-the-fly!

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Wi-Fi services - Analyse and Adjust

We Analyse! Taking into account the Plan and Survey, which provides the ALC engineering team with vital information to analyse the wireless project at this critical stage.
This is also where any requirements about Network Access Control and the real-world environment always get picked-up.
Whether analysing a new Wi-Fi network or troubleshooting an old one, this is where we encounter Wi-Fi “competition”, best described by our partners at Ekahau with the infographic below.
Finding these anomalies and protecting your design with our experience and tools is where this part of the plan pays-off!

We Adjust! We provide all our planning, surveying and analysing in a tailored report to help take you to the next part of your project, Adjustment!
If planning a new Wi-Fi solution, we can help you make those adjustments, then help you choose a Wi-Fi vendor and installer. When troubleshooting an existing network, we can hand-over to your internal team or Managed Service Provider. But if you still need help with other services or assistance, then just ask one of our sales and services team.  After all, we’re here to help!

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Ekahau Partners

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Ekahau's - "Wi-Fi, Meet your competition"

Anti-Wi-Fi internet of things


Inclusions, Exclusions and Terms

Because of the variance in project scope, Ascot London Consultancy would assess all requirements and provide pricing once the full scope and project plan has been identified and agreed.

“Wi-Fi is like electricity for business – when it’s down, all work stops.”

Ekahau helps ensure your wireless networks are optimised and performing. In fact, the Sidekick is the
most accurate Wi-Fi measurement tool on the market.

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Key benefits:

• Easy to use: Start using in minutes with minimal
or no training. Easy-to-read, intuitive user

• Saves time: All-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostics and
measurement make site surveys faster and easier,
minimising network deployment time.

• Lowers costs & improves productivity: Identify,
troubleshoot, and simulate Wi-Fi network issues
in advance.

• Works across the entire network: All the major
AP vendors have standardised on Ekahau.