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Author: Adrian McGarry

As a Chief Information Officer, one of my proudest moments was enabling organisation-wide distance learning and remote working for charity staff, school staff and students during the start of the pandemic.

Preparation for the continuity of education for three schools, serving our communities in three UK locations was an outstanding achievement.

Enabling beneficiary grants systems to help five thousand people was truly monumental.

Being able to achieve this simultaneously across different sectors, when the organisations needed it most is where a CIO performs their regular role.

Over £1m spent in grants between five companies in the first month of lockdown.

In total £2m in grants provided to thousands of people that the charities helped.

All this was developed in the first two weeks from inception to live, but then continual development in an agile way when workflows evolved or new companies required grant-giving.

Being a CIO requires flexibility, the skills to switch focus and apply technical knowledge when finding solutions, sometimes to non-technical problems. Skills which are born out of experience and honed during crisis.

It also requires being that critical friend to the executive board and stakeholders. Knowing or getting to know the business and applying your experience, the knowledge of executing best practice, to projects, to critical tasks and hone people’s skills, to get the best out of all the organisations’ team’s.

Creating ground-breaking solutions by not only knowing what best-practice is but using proven methods to develop these further and implement into time-saving, practical solutions.

We listen to people!  Technology is just one part of the equation. We always remember that talking to people, listening and understanding the journey from “this” to “that” is often the key.  A client once said to me, “You don’t talk technical to us! Your teams take their time to understand, then advise us!”.

To be an enabler to Your visions and help you not only reach your goals but evolve them!

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